The mission of C.A.T.I.F. (celebrating all that is feminine), a 501 (3) not-for-profit public charity, is to encourage and empower women and children in the greater Chicagoland area who are experiencing crisis. The ways in which these aims are accomplished are by raising funds that in turn, are donated to established organizations dedicating to assisting these populations in their time of need.

Every one of us has been touched, encouraged and empowered by a woman. That woman may be your mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend – or a complete stranger…

C.A.T.I.F. is a collection of professional women who believe in ‘paying it forward’ by pooling their energy and resources to celebrate, inspire and support women, and children in-need. The organization provides funding for established organizations whose very nature is to empower and give a hand-up to help these populations find happiness, stability and security in their lives.

Celebrating All That Is Feminine was established in 2009 by Kara Cermak.  The organization is made up of all professional women interested in supporting women and making a difference in their lives.